How to buy Smart Chain BNB (Binance) in Trust Wallet?

  1. In Trust Wallet, click on Buy
  2. Search for Smart Chain BNB
  3. Insert the amount you want to buy BNB for
  4. Pick MoonPay to process your payment
  5. The payment process takes several minutes to hours
  6. After you receive your BNB

How to Transfer BNB (BINANCE) to

Now you can transfer BNB to

  • In Trust Wallet, open BNB and click Send button
  • In, copy the BSC wallet address (Not the BNB)
  • On, navigate to the Home page
  • Click on the Transfer button
  • Click on Deposit
  • Select the first option, Crypto
  • Search for BNB, then open BNB
  • On the Deposit BNB page, select BSC, then copy the wallet address
  • Paste the BSC wallet address into the Recipient Address
  • Click Next

The transfer process takes several minutes. You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your BNB has been deposited into your account.

How to Deposit BNB (BINANCE) to a Crypto wallet so you can buy other cryptos?

After you have your BNB from the Trust wallet transferred into the app, follow these steps to convert BNB into Crypto:

  • From the home page in, search for by clicking on See all above the list of the cryptos listed on the home page Open and tab on the Buy CRO button
  • By default, Crypto Wallet is selected, and Binance Coin
  • Tab on CRO amount which is by default is 1000
  • Select Max (your CRO amount) next to Clear under the Insufficient Balance button (this one depends if you have enough Binance Coin you might not see Insufficient Balance)
  • Tab on the Buy CRO button
  • If you receive an insufficient amount alert, lower the MAX amount a little, then try to buy it again.
  • Confirm the purchase

  How to Buy Dogelon Mars

  • After you buy CRO, Sell them to have the money in your Fiat Wallet.
  • From the home page on search for Dogelon Mars
  • Click on Buy ELON